A Childhood of Books

So recently I was reading The Writer, a literary magazine that gives great tips and advice for well, you guessed it, writers. One article in particular looked at how the books read in childhood influences a writer. It got me thinking about how my childhood looked and what stories I can still remember and enjoy today.

Looking back, I loved to read since I could remember. I would often read signs when walking like “Stop” or “Flatbush Avenue” or “Please curb after your dog”. When it came to books, my favorite was picture books with vibrant images to keep me interested as I read them. There was a huge bookshelf in the corner next to the couch, you see, full of books I would read over and over again along with books my grandma and mother accumulated over the years.

That being said, I didn’t like writing for the longest, especially when it came to school. The only time I actually started to like writing was when I was writing what I was interested in which was probably guessed by everyone. So the following are the books that I consider significant in influencing my decision to writing stories.

Charlie Brown’s Cyclopedia

I read a lot of  kid encyclopedias at my grandmas apartment since those where the only things on her book self and the only gifts my uncle would buy for me. These were definitely my favorites, and the first time I met the Peanuts gang.

Junie B. Jones

I remember reading a lot of these at school and the book fairs there would always have another Junie B Jones book to buy.

Jigsaw Jones

My grandmother bought me a few of these books and I liked the stories they told and way a kid detective would solve cases.

Forged By Fire

This was one of those books you had to read in school but the first of those I actually liked. Probably the first book without pictures I liked, I got behind the characters, and I also remember I read this around the time my first sister was born so I think that might have helped me connect with the main character.

 Super Diaper Baby

So I didn’t actually read the Captain Underpants books for some reason, but I did get to read this one. My favorite parts were probably the flip-o-rama pages and maybe the closest to a comic I read up to that point.

Well those are my most memorable childhood book series, I’ve read more but I can always rethink these for memory. Let me know what you readers thought about them in the comments, or if anybody has any recommendations for me or stories they would like to share. And always, thanks for reading!

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