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The other day I was online when I found a survey from a blog I was following on tumblr. It was about writing so I took because I had time to spend. What I didn’t expect was that the options would get me thinking about what I write and how I right. Usually where taught that labels stifle our creativity but in my case, they exposed me to things I hadn’t heard or gave a name to something that I couldn’t find the words to describe to someone else.

So anyway, here are the significant parts fro the survey that I edited a bit for the post:


How Long Have You Been Writing? o Less than One Year o Less Than Two Years o Less Than Three Years o Less Than Four Years o Less Than Five Years o More Than Five Years

Do You Want to Be Published? o Yes o No o Unsure Have You Been Published? Either traditionally or through self publishing. Does not include literary journals. o Yes o No o I am currently going through the publishing process (i.e., you either have a contract with a publisher or you have started self publishing), but my story has not yet been published o I am currently looking for an agent or a publisher

 Genre Information What Genres Do You Write? o Adventure, Action, Espionage (spy) o Comedy, Satire o Contemporary, Modern, Realistic o Crime, Detective, Mystery o Drama o Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Modern Fantasy, Heroic/Epic Fantasy, Fairy Tales, Dark Fantasy, etc. o Historical, Alternate History o Horror, Thriller, Gothic Fiction, Noir o Literary Fiction o Romance, Erotic Fiction o Science Fiction, Punk Genres (steam, cyber, etc.), Dystopian, Apocalyptic/Post Apocalyptic, Alien Invasion, etc. o Mixed Genres (for example: Science Fantasy, Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance)

What Age Groups Do You Write? o Children’s o Middle Grade o Young Adult o New Adult o Adult

What Types of Stories Do You Write? o Short Stories o Novellas o Novels o Book Series


See definitions of these genres here: http://thewritingcafe.tumblr.com/post/57879584935/basics-genres-alternate-world-a-setting-that What Subgenres Do You Write? o Arthurian o Celtic o Contemporary/Modern o Dark Fantasy – fantasy combined with horror o Fairy Tales, Fairy Tale Retellings o Gaslamp – Edwardian/Victorian setting or technology o Heroic/High/Epic o Historical o Magical Realism o Medieval o Mythological – covers all stories dealing with gods, deities, spirits, demons, etc. o Norse/Germanic o Paranormal Romance o Portal Fantasy o Science Fantasy o Superhero o Supernatural/Paranormal – vampires, werewolves, ghosts, etc. o Sword and Sorcery o Sword and Soul – S&S, but Afro-centric o Urban Fantasy

o Wuxia: A genre in which the protagonist learns a martial art and follows a code. This genre is popular in Chinese speaking areas.


See definitions of these genres here: http://thewritingcafe.tumblr.com/post/55802159511/basic-horror-writing-guide What subgenres do you write? o Dark Fantasy o Gore o Gothic o Hauntings o Horror (general) o Lovecraftian o Noir o Supernatural/Paranormal o Psychological o Thriller

ROMANCE WRITERS ONLY What Subgenres Do You Write? o Historical Romance o Contemporary/Modern o Erotic o Gothic o LGBT+ o Paranormal Romance o Other:

SCIENCE FICTION WRITERS ONLY See definitions of these genres here: http://thewritingcafe.tumblr.com/post/56379026932/basics-sub-genres-alien-invasion-involves What Subgenres Do You Write? o Alien Invasion o Apocalyptic/Post Apocalyptic o Artificial Intelligence/Robots/Androids/etc. o Cyberpunk, cyberspace o Steampunk o Other “punk” genres o Dystopian/Utopian o Hard Sci-Fi (realistic science) o Military o Space Opera o Parallel Universe/Alternate Universe/Multiverse o Science Fantasy o Time Travel o Soft Sci Fi (scientific detail is low and does not have to be accurate)

Anyways, I think this will be great for helping me define what and how I would like to write in the future. Also here’s a link to the survey while it remains active, enjoy!


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