Arcane Origins of the Realm

This is the story of the Earth and Kaf, the Arcane Realm, we Jinn have been told for generations.

In the beginning, the almighty creator created different sentient forms of life. First were the Angels created from light of the heavenly realm, then the Jinn who were created from the smokeless fire that propagates through space of the natural world he crafted. The creator decided to populate a specific planet in his natural realm with various forms of life, changing from simple to complex in their attempt to survive and thrive. Eventually a life form emerged that was capable of the morality, creativity, rational thought, language, and emotion that sentience brought. The three were inherently gifted with their own kind of way to manipulate the world beyond the natural laws known as magic: Divine, Arcane, and Raw, respectively. Eventually a human named King Solomon was granted not only great wisdom but also the authority to command a legion of Jinn to assist him. As they were invisible to humans and the great things were attributed to Solomon, some Jinn under his rule were unsatisfied with their servitude.  During this time, the majority of jinn were invisible in a world of humans with the only interactions being either tricking them to follow occult practices or being trapped in servitude. Solomon eventually died on staff which propped him up and made it appear as he was still alive. Because the Jinn often went about maintaining the palace and rarely contacted the king himself, it wasn’t until a mouse guided by the creator caused him to fall did the genies realize they were working far longer than they had to. This was basically the last straw that made the Solomon Jinn decide the current state of their race was not all it was cracked up to be. They sent ambassadors to talk to the angels, and were allowed to create their own personal version of the earth if they followed their instructions very closely.

Originally the only change the jinn proposed was for their world to be built at the time of the first modern humans to start again. Another one of the conditions was that the jinn who were in the servitude of Solomon were the only ones who could go first as they had to be be the ones to make the new realm habitable for new generations of their kind. An unexpected problem occurred  because of sabotage by a lineage of jinn with grudges against the angels and any who associated with them. In the end, a pocket dimension was created for the new world to exist but the flow of time between the two places was out of sync, causing the time between them to constantly vary and change (Not too much of a problem for us long living jinn). The other problem was that there were infrequent periods of unstable random portals to the regular earth for a few thousand years. This left two permanent portals in the Bermuda Triangle and the Devil’s Sea/Dragon’s Triangle in the Philippine Sea.

Life was harsh and challenging on the new planet for the Jinn as the world was unstable with storms of magic energy or mana commonly running through the landscape. Eventually they managed to survive by using the land to build shelters and created temporary physical bodies to endure the dangerous weather. With their physical bodies being used more often than the old world, they had to meet the demands of maintaining them through foraging and farming. Despite the hardships, the benefits were that they were able to enjoy the sensations of the natural world and breed much faster when they were solid. Their descendants were able to use the ability to be physical and spiritual to become the dominant beings of the planet once the mana storms died down to a freak occurrence. The spread of their kind into different regions lead to the creation of different cultures and linages to the point where they mirrored the human concept of varied ethnicities and races. 

Before the creation of this arcane realm, our earth was filled with the spiritual energy of any living thing that died called the Animus. Similar to the legends of the Orient, the spirits habituated and represented the natural world as they no longer has the consciousness and will they had in life. As the Arcane Realm was born, most if not all of these spirits were dragged into the new world by the fierce mana storms. The packets of spiritual energy were attracted to the ambient energy created by the Jinn of the new world and some even gained awareness and wills of their own in the chaotic world. This was the rise of a new breed of spiritual beings, the Kami. What would soon follow were the Faeire, whose origins were as varied as coming from spirits turned mortal or simply coming to being from the ether. The unexpected evolution of these new forms of life would prove to create interesting relationships and attitudes in the new world.  

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