Arcane Realm Species Sheet Key

As there are a number of intelligence beings in the Arcane Realm besides humans, each with their own unique biological and cultural components to their society (or lack thereof). There’s a lot of information to go through on each of their pages, so this one is dedicated to serve as a useful guide for future Arcane Realm beings.

Overview: Gives a brief description of the being in general

Quick Species Profile: A general description of common physical attributes with the species as a whole

Life Expectancy Average Max: The oldest recorded individual Average Height Average Weight Creature Type: The category of beings the species belongs to estimate shared characteristics.


Physiological Traits

Species particular make up and passive traits and features

Innate Abilities

Active traits they can intentionally use due to their make up


How they look

General Diet

What they consume for energy and sustain themselves


Ways the species make more of themselves or what beings they can hybridize with

Lifespan and Growth

Significant periods in their life cycle


Their presence throughout Arcane Realm timeline


A roughly detailed log of the species or find and major influence on the world into the modern day.

Ethnic Group:  Particular ethnic or racial identity shared by certain related individuals

Geographic Range: where they like to live or are found

Provisioning: how they obtain food and similar things

Vegetation/Agriculture: what plants they eat, grow, use

Livestock: what animals they raise to eat or derive things from

Game: what animals they hunt or take materials from

Common distinctive features: Hair texture, hair color, eye color, skin color, nose shape, other appendages (shapeshifters can change these but groups will often have a distinctive set to identify themselves with)

Societal Behavior:

Brief description of they act, believe, and deal with other groups


The structures and materials used for shelter


Indigenous or adopted belief systems and the rituals related


The organization of related individuals and any societal roles determined by biological sex


Indigenous or adopted ways of teaching the youth cultural values and knowledge

Science and Technology


Methods or inventions to get to a new place


Tools for individual or group self-defense or offense


Information, entertainment media


Main power used by the society or progression to a modern one

Medical Treatment

Major treatments used and cultural meaning behind them


Materials and procedures used to supply the people


Unique things made that other societies use

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