Arcane Realm through the Ages

The next few weeks I will be posting info about the various time periods in the Arcane Realm stories. Originally I was just going to do one big post but I think separating them will be easier for everyone to read. I will also link them all back to this page when they are finished. Thanks to everyone who has been following my updates on the Arcane Realm so far!

This post is about the timeline that the Arcane Realm Universe takes place in. When I first starting building the world, I across a few problems: mainly that I wanted events that seemed like they all belong to completely different genres and settings yet I all wanted them to take place more or less in the same world. So then the idea of a timeline came to me, with certain eras reflecting certain settings and sub-genres. When I got into it more, I released that it also helps me understand how the world in a certain period came to be, the characters motivations. And in the not to distant future when I make enough supplemental stuff so that other people can collaborate to make Arcane Realm stories, the timeline can help with wherever they want to set up their story. There are eras that I’ll write about more that others, but shouldn’t stop others from using any era they wish to make a story out of.

With the backbone I have know, I’ll likely update more big events as they come to me

With out further ado…

Timeline of Major Ages in the Arcane Realm

Spatial Creation

  1. The huge alternate dimension is created using divine magic from angels. For almost 1000 years, jinn from our dimension provide magical energy to stir the creation of a star, planet, asteroid belt, and moon

  1. Arcane storms, simply due to their sheer unpredictability, are a consequence of the setting’s resonant arcane field. If too much mana builds up, then it will burn itself off in a somewhat spectacular manner. It can manifest in any imaginable way, from intricate cloud formations, to ball lightning, to radio interference, to whispers from loved ones reminding you left the water running at home. Usually, however, it can manifest as a rainbow colored destructive wind storm or give time and space a quantum aneurysm meaning lots of portals to who knows where.

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