The arcane realm is world where many professions fall into the category known as classes. These are similar to the classes that you might find in role-playing games whether they are the traditional table-top or video game format. In-story they came about about as specific roles that characters would take to complete objectives like exploring ruins, forming teams, defeating enemies, or even providing community service. Depending on the era some where more common than others or just got their start while others where being improved in certain areas to become their own new class.

Now while the Arcane Realm is not a game world, it is definitely influenced by them and so the idea of classes felt like like a natural addition to the series (and I wouldn’t be opposed to making it its own game someday). Note that with a lot of my supplemental material posts, some of the content is likely to be updated for clarity.

Adventure Archetypes

There are four archetypes that the classes are based on:

  1. Fighters rely on primarily physical strength and stamina, and usually within melee range

  2. Magicians are those whose various forms of magic for effects

  3. Rogues are those who rely more on technical skill in a certain area to get the job done commonly stealth, infiltration, lock picking, traps and disarming, and  sneak attacks

  4. Rangers focus on well…ranged and projectile weaponry and specialize in powerful long-range attacks. They often rely on ammunition that can run out.

Let it also be known that there are mixed classes that were developed by mixing traits of multiple archetypes but I put them in one catergory for now.



  1. Barbarian

Offense focused fighters characterized by wearing less armor and being able to fly into a berserker rage that increases damage output or allow them to do more damage based on how hurt they are.

  1. Knight

Warriors who wear varieties of body armor and trained to use shields and various melee weapons like swords. They are also able to employ mounted combat on a steed.

  1. Martial Artist

They are usually bare-fisted warriors who either eschew weapons entirely or use only martial artsy weapons like nunchucks and staves.

  1. Mage Knight

A hybrid Fighter/Magician that either uses a sword and magic, or uses magic to improve their sword/fighting abilities.

  1. Warlord

A tactical master that can hold their own in frontline combat as well as giving out buffs to his underlings and allies, usually by commanding them to superior positions than the ones they would have thought of on their own.

  1. Physical Caster

Martial Artist who also happens to be proficient in using magic and often uses the two in tandem.

  1. Spiritualist/Chi Monk

Martial artist extremely proficient in using internal life energy commonly known as chi to maintain self-sufficiency, access to Qigong techniques and build up attacks.

  1. Swashbuckler

A fighter who tends toward light or no armor and prefers agility, cunning, daring and technical skill to sheer force.


  1. Sorcerer/Sorceress

This magic-user was born with abilities they don’t need to study, and can use more readily than other magicians.

  1. Wizard

These casters rely on Rule Magic and study to learn and wield a variety of offense, defensive, support, and utilitarian spells.

  1. Summoner -Theurgist -Conjurer

Mages use summon magic to bring magical beings or objects to their location.

  1. Mimic

A magician who does not usually rely on standard spells, but instead learns various spells and special abilities from monsters encountered in travel.

  1. Illusionist/Stage Magician

A magician who casts illusions, distractions, or perform technical tricks.

  1. Druid

A worshiper of nature that wields power over the natural world, often including the environment, animals, and plants.

  1. Necromancer/Medium

A magic-user who communicates with and wields power over the dead, blood, and “death energy”.

  1. Elementalist

A specialized magician characterized by an almost exclusive focus on a particular Classical Element.

  1. Alchemist

Mage that combines items, magic or otherwise, to create potions or bombs to in battle, often mixing them together during battle.

  1. Cleric

A mage dedicated to improve their allies’ ability to fight and usually draw their powers from faith in a deity. They may aid teammates by healing them to keep them alive longer, by offering bonuses to allies, or by inflicting penalties on enemies.

  1. Bard/Dancer

Bards and dancers are mages that create a hypnotic magical effect that they induce through songs which are either sung or played through a musical instrument, or through exotic dances.

  1. Psychic/Esper

Opposed to using mana, Psychics generally employ a combination of telepathy and psychokinesis to attack the opponent’s mind directly, or to deal damage to the body.


  1. Thief/Treasure Hunter

Dexterous thieves or treasure-hunters who are experts in stealth, infiltration, lockpicking, traps and the disarming thereof, sneak attacks, and attacking from the rear.

  1. Medic

Medic is often a trained physician or EMT (emergency medical technician) and relies on whatever medical technology is available.

  1. Gadgetter

This is a character class that relies on technology to achieve a variety of controlling effects or improve their performance.

  1. Shinobi/Kunoichi/Ninja

The Ninja is a rogue who may have a long list of useful skills. They also tend to excel at throwing items like shurikens, daggers, and kunai.

  1. Scout

Scout combines high movement rate with superior sensory and information-gathering skills, and often emphasizes stealth as well.

  1. Pirate/Buccaneer

Rogue that will use a combination of weaponry instead of specializing – usually being able to switch freely between pistols and swords.


  1. Archer

Skilled, analytical ranged combatant with bows and arrows as the main weapon.

  1. Sniper

A Sniper usually is a solitary long firearm user and employed usually as spotter-shooter pairs.

  1. Sharpshooter

A version of the ranger that can handle bladed weapons as well, allowing them to defend themselves against approaching enemies or close in for the kill.

  1. Gunslinger

The Gunslinger is the wielder of hanguns with much greater effectiveness and panache.

  1. Trapper

The Trapper is a character who can lay down various traps in an area that the enemy can walk into, making them vulnerable to ambushes or follow-up attacks.

  1. Trick Archer

A version of the ranger who can uses Trick Arrows to slow down and disable enemies.

  1. Arcane Archer

Archer who uses enchanted arrows with a variety of magical effects infused.

  1. Magic Marksman

Firearms expert who uses a gun in tandem with magic.

  1. Soldier/Mercenary

Warrior in light to medium armor trained specifically in physical combat and firearms.

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