Climatic Extinction Disaster & Fall of the Pantheon Age

Setting/Sub-genre: Dystopian/Apocalyptic

*Last war is ended by the genocide of Ghul from the doomsday devices they created via stripping the divinity from captured Celestials

*Last war resulted in the deaths of roughly 45% of all djinn, 40% of all other spirits,  10% of Lunarians and 85% of faery. Due to not officially taking part only 5% of causalities are (Kaf) human.

*The failure of Celestials cause them to resign their positions as many feel they are no longer worthy of worship. Some walk the planet, others decide to live with the lower beings by endlessly reincarnating as them, a few others relinquished the divinity built up by worship to make permanent bloodlines among the Arcane Realm races.

*Main coal and gemstone extraction resources are nearly depleted, leading to a energy crisis.

*Extremely large amounts of soot and carbon dioxide result in dramatic changes in seasons and habitats.

*Pollution runoff and increases in ocean temperatures cause sea creatures to be drastically reduced in number.

*Dramatic climatic changes cause various species of faery to die out after already low populations from the war effort. Those that survive out compete the others.

*Three quarters of magical beast species are wiped out due to lack of food via drought, increased frequency of natural disasters and over hunting of vulnerable populations by malnourished faery and spirits

*Naga species are dwindled to so few numbers that most are forced to mate with any naga species they can find, leading to hybridized offspring; only female hybrid offspring survive to birth but are able to reproduce via parthenogenesis to create the first of the Lamia species*Kaf humans begin to explore new areas left to them with the disappearance of most faery.

*Most Qarin stations on Kaf fall into ruin without anyone who know how to maintain them

*Most technology and scientific knowledge brought to Kaf residences from Qarin are lost due to commotion of war.

*Constant civil wars take place between various classes of Djinn over dwindling resources and civil liberties, eventually breaking down and weakening the Jinn Caliphate.

* Descendents of  sea elves and nixies (called Merfolk) out compete other aquatic humanoids for survival.

*Descendents of hominids and nymphs (Giants) are forced to survive on isolated hilly island chains.

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