Crash Course in Magic #2

The Theory of Mana

Mana theory is the concept of magic as a force that is inherent in all objects, plants, and animals (including people) to different degrees. This is based on the idea among the Polynesian cultures of the South Pacific, and similar indigenous tribes on Kaf.

Mana is though to arise as the by-product of the creation of the universe and permeates through empty space like background radiation.

More studies into the concept has shown them that creation consists of particles, wavelengths and frequencies. All matter; all things emit energy including consciousness. Particularly for sentient creatures, when they think or feel, they emit a wave of energy which on a micro scale changes the energy around them to resonate at that same vibratory level, the basic process of magic. Most of these interactions only very subtle effects on their own, similar to luck or prestige.

Mana when used as a source of energy, is akin to electrical energy, with kinetic and potential types. Mana energizes magical items and can be drawn from nature by people to cast spells, but cannot be drawn from other people or creatures due to willpower and instinctual resistance.

Because mana surrounds and penetrates living beings, they can unintentionally store mana within their bodies often referred to as internal mana or ”magoi”. Individual differences when it comes to how much different individuals store magoi became an individual’s mana capacity , it is an innate talent or ‘gift’ difficult to develop through training. One way to increase mana capacity is to reinforce willpower, which governs mana. It is believed that by mental growth, and training of the mind, the ability to hold mana also increases. Another method is to improve the efficiency of the techniques used to convert the energy in the atmosphere to mana. If the amount of willpower used can be reduced by this process, then mana capacity can increase as a result.

As such many types of magic have been observed to have a subjective component, that is say that the actions made are typically altered by the internal mental and emotional state of the subject. Which then makes it harder to test objectively and have others reproduce the same results. Of course, since magic can often have a tangible effect on the world, great steps have been made in magic discoveries.

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