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So here we are on a Sunday afternoon and I'm trying to think of what to write for my blog on my website. I know I would like a blog that would show to the world what I am working on, after all I have a couple ideas in my head but it doesn't mean much if they never materialize in the real world. So for this entry I'd though I mention the creative projects I have started and some that are still in the concept phase of development.

Vanessa Fly Trap

Vanessa is my first original concept I made quite a long time ago actually. The story focuses on Vanessa who is a Venus Fly Trap and her younger brother Victor who live with a family, the Duponts. They are a Caribbean American family who live in Brooklyn, New York City. The series is primarily about Vanessa going around the neighborhood trying to learn about the daily lives and culture of human beings due to her fascination with our species. I've originally planned it as a children's book series though I've also made comic strips of Vanessa interacting with characters over the years.

Arcane Realm

Arcane Realm is a big creative project that I've invested a large portion of my time into. It is my attempt to create a paracosm, a detailed fantasy world filled with conventions and tropes in fiction that I fancy. As what genre it falls under, I would say it is primarily fantasy but it also has science fiction elements so I think of it more as a science fantasy. As I made it, I decided that I didn't want the Arcane Realm to stay a generic European medieval fantasy setting that seems to rip off Tolkien or Dungeons and Dragons. It is a very eclectic series but if I had to think of my main sources of inspiration it would have to be world mythology, cartoons, video games especially adventure and JPRGs, manga, anime, and tabletop RPGs.

For this world, I put in a lot of research from both fiction and the real world to make it rich in content as a place with stories and characters that are engaing to the audience.

Okay so these are my main projects that I am working on, in an upcoming post I will delve into more about specific stories or art pieces I will be doing. Until next time everyone!

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