Drawing a New Leaf

Hello there fellow readers and bloggers! Those of you who follow my posts (or read one of the pages) probably know one of the projects I’m working on is my long time idea for a children’s picture book. Recently my computer was acting up and needed fixing but long story short, I got my picture editing/coloring program back! So now I can scan and digitally color things again! Recently I decided to change the logo I made for the series to be more aesthetically pleasing and fun.

Also for a while now I realized that ‘’Vanessa Fly Trap’’ is a better and shorter title than ‘’Vanessa the Venus Fly Trap”.

I like the new font and the color for Vanessa’s name. I’m also not a Graphic Design or Illustration major so I’m likely to tweak it every now and again but I’m satisfied for now. Thanks for reading and let me know what you think.

#design #picturebook #cartoon #logo #illustration #childrensstory #skills #vanessaflytrap

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