Ghulat Wars

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The Ghulat Wars were a series of conflicts first fought between the invading army of Shaytan and the Djinn. It eventually expanded to include forces from the Celestial Pantheons and Faerie Courts in an effort to contain the rapidly expanding hordes. In total the wars lasted roughly 120,000 years, give or take 500.

The Set Up

As life flourished for Djinn on Kaf, another near forgotten race of jinn known as the Shaytan were extracting various resources on their homeworld and solar system. With their progress they were able to create an armed spacefleet designed to establish an interstellar empire. Ever expanding, they set their sights on Kaf’s solar system and planed to add it to their collection.

The Wars

At first the Shaytan did reconnaissance on the lifeforms of Kaf and attempted to subtly exract the planets resources to weaken the populous into submission. Natives like Djinn and…

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