Imperial Age

Analogous Era:Later Antiquity (Greece-Roman Empire, Dynasty China, Vedic India, Maya, Inca, Persia) Genre:Sandal Punk (circa Iron Age) Tech: Power-water wheels, aqueducts, wood/coal, refined oil Transportation-chariots, canals, submersibles, kites, hot air sky lantern Medicine- Ayurveda and qigong in western and southern territories, herbal painkillers, stimulants, and tranquilants, mineral potions, tourniquets Cooking-hearth ovens, stir-frying, baking, Food storage– Sunlight Dehydration, Salting/Brine, Fermentation Communication-Postal system Weaponry- Broadswords, Mace, Halberds, Poleaxes, Various Staves, Crystal Rods, Kukris, Blowguns, Siege Engines:Catapults, Ballista, Trebuchets

  1. Djinn of different regions establish themselves as the 3 ethnic groups of the Djinn species: Marid, Ifrit, and Silat.

  2. Djinn begin to establish select trade routes with various sentient  spirit and faerie tribes outside of their territories.

  3. Massive explosion in various new faerie species including Brownies, Trolls, Ogres, Satyrs, Naiads, Kobolds, Banshee, Leprechauns, Goblins, Dullhauns, Huldras, Centaurs,  and Gremlins.

  4. Worship of jinn becomes popular in Faerie territories near Jinnistan. Jinn political leaders take advantage of this by colonizing areas with valuable materials.

  5. Spirit societies encounter Vedic Text from Earth and began Hinduism in the South. What follows is widespread practice of Ayurveda medicine by Faerie in these territories.

  6. Jinnistan develops a official system of currency and standardization of prices and conversion to implement between traders and merchants of other lands.

  7. In an attempt to compete with the progress of Djinn, various Faerie like Dwarves, Gnomes and Halflings adopt agriculture and a sedentary lifestyle to support a larger population for creating fae nation-states.

  8. Jinnistan developed a system of aqueducts to transfer water throughout the city, run bathhouses, and act as a sewage system. This system would soon be followed by the High Elf states.

  9. Iblis creed within Ghul society collect ectoplasmic residue irradiated by high-intensity mana storms for enhancement experiments; Ghuls set up a selective breeding program among their kind.

  10. A few early human species develop in various forests with varying degrees of tree dwelling, bipedalism, and intelligence. Those who find shelter through nature nymphs become separated as their land breaks off from the mainland to become a large chain of islands.

  11. Worshiped celestials discover they gain power from devotion; also find out they can have subtle influence on Earth and gain worship power from that dimension as well.

  12. Legions of celestial spirits separate into rival factions known as pantheons to be worshiped as deities in both Kaf and Earth religions and become associated with the cultures of humans on Earth (Norse, Greek, Chinese, Japanese); new celestial homelands on established on floating islands high in the atmosphere: Takamagahara, Valhalla, Olympus, etc.

  13. Naga begin to domesticate various species of dragons for various feats like hunting

  14. Metallurgy becomes popular for a variety of species in blacksmithing and forging; certain countries and villages create local and rare alloys for high prices

  15. Lodestone is discovered among lightning struck magnetite deposits. Soon it is mined and collected for its magnetic properties, particularly for interfering with the perceptions of jinn and various lilliputian Faerie like sprites and pixies.

  16. Compass is invented by a sprite using its natural magnetoception abilities

  17. Djinn missionaries spread Islam and Zoroastrianism with the Faerie and Spirit clans

  18. Two permanent spatial portals form, connecting to the Earth’s Bermuda Triangle and the Devil’s Sea

  19. Across various nations and travel ways, groups traveling into and through hostile and uncharted territories or going on quests to collect treasure and defeat regional monsters develop a pattern of having individuals with specific abilities and skill sets ; these roles came to be known as quest occupations (and eventually class archetypes): Fighter, Mage, Rogue, and Ranger.


  1. Country of Oni Spirits became the birth place of the earliest known oil wells. With depths of 800 feet, they and Dwarves drill these wells using extensive bamboo pipelines and used the resource for lamp lighting and heating.

  2. Passive solar architecture became commonplace for Naga dwellings and housing.

  3. Tinkering with the idea of flight, small fae like Lilliputs use and rotor-toys and kites which are able to carry them a considerable distance. This sparks the idea for flight by averaged sized races.

  4. As more animals were domesticated, horses, oxen and donkeys became an occasional use for jinn but use became much more widespread for Sylvan and Lilliput Faerie. High Elves developed chariots and paved roads of matted grass and turf.

  5. With the knowledge that hot air rises, fox spirits use oil lamps underneath large cloth lanterns to float in the air.

  6. Various tribes of fox spirits of the western bamboo forests come together as an army invading and conquered half of the Western Hemisphere

  7. Many conquered spirits and faerie are made to follow the culture set up by Yokai empire throughout the Continent.

  8. Seige Engines are developed by Yokai forces to quickly defeat fortified city boundaries, even those of  far off jinn controlled colonies

  9. First documented use of divers or submersibles, during the siege of Hyperion, the battle that Djinn were able to defeat Yokai forces enlisting colonial forces like High Elves, Gnomes and Undies.

  10. Yokai Empire only lasts for two generations but introduced the various values to the cultures of controlled areas such as a merit based rank system in military and governance, complete religious freedom and religious leaders being exempt from taxation & public service, women’s right to divorce and presence in combat & generalship, and outlawing bride kidnappings during conquests.

  11. Nation-states of unconquered and previously conquered Faerie settlements come together  in order to establish the Seelie Courts to bring together the varied and separate faerie species to prevent future conquering attempts.

  12. Unseelie Court are later set up by faerie who like the idea of Courts but oppose the underlying values of the Seelie Court

  13. Deforestation by Unseelie Courts reduce the numbers of the few hominid species; One species in particular develops enough cognitive function and intelligence to defend their territory from incoming sentient species: Homo prehensus (Kaf Humans)

Video Clips from Thought Bubble giving a glimpse of the era’s real world inspirations:

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