Just What IS this “Radiant Chronicle” Anyway?

An interesting project



It’s about time that I explain my project. In this post I lose my mind and talk to myself in an attempt to present to you the meaning behind this madness. We’ll discuss what makes the Radiant Chronicle Project special especially its contrasts to traditional styles of writing especially when it comes to high-fantasy style fiction.

What is the Radiant Chronicle Project, in my own words?

“The Radiant Chronicle Project” (a.k.a. “Radiant Chronicle,” or simply “RC”) is the name of the entire project base on which I plan to release various types of media, particularly stories, art, and even music.

To do this I had to build and define several aspects of the fantasy world on which the entire thing is set, often in great detail. I like to think of it as “RPG style fantasy.”

What is “RPG Style Fantasy?”

RPG stands for Role-Playing Game. It’s a type…

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