Let’s Talk Science Fiction and Fantasy

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Let’s Talk Science Fiction and Fantasy 

Sometimes people hear of these two genres and think only of spaceships, lasers, and aliens or a long-ago world who has replaced any technology with magic and filled its kingdoms with dwarves and elves. For some people that seems awesome, and for others it seems awful. But no matter which group you’re in, it’s worth stepping beyond those tropes and exploring the diversity of the genres.

For me, I like things that incorporate elements of science fiction and fantasy, but might not be the go-to books on someone’s list in those genres. Things like Alice in Wonderland, World War Z, and anything by Neil Gaiman. I like magic in my dramas, horror in my science fiction, and fantasy in my romance. And I think dystopian literature is pretty cool from the overt, like The Hunger Gamesto the subtle, like 

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