Lunar Terraformation Collaboration

(Here’s where things get a little interesting progression-wise)

Also known as the Golden Age of Alchemy

Analogous Era:Medieval Islamic Golden Age, Hundred Schools of Thought Setting/Sub-genre: Clock Punk/Dungeon Punk Tech: Power– wind mills, clockwork, hydraulic engine, gunpowder for vehicles, magic charged gemstones, dry-cell battery in small quantities Transportation– compass, dandyhorse, penny-farthing, unicycle, bicycle, tricycle, quadracycle, monowheel, sailing ships, liquid fuel rocket, crank elevator, submarine with oars, hot air balloons, airships Communication– Printing press, mailing routes, radio transmission Medicine– aromatherapy, poultice, herbalism, surgery, ayurveda, qigong, body restoration magic Cooking– large hearth ovens, spit roasting, steaming Food storage– Still houses, pantry rooms, ice houses Weaponry– Claymore, Zweihänder, scimitar, bull whip, crossbows, morning stars, flails, war hammer, quarterstaff, winged spear, lance, pike, glaive, poleaxe, longbow, crossbow, hand cannon, Incendiary fluid (Greek fire), bombards, petards

Seige Engines: Battering Rams and Screws, Seige Towers, Mantlets, Galleries


  1. Purposely built “still houses” were created to dry fruits, vegetables and herbs in areas that did not have enough strong sunlight for drying.

  2. Solar distillation can be used to make saline or brackish water potable

  3. With the creation of more paved roads, a personal two-wheeled vehicle was created called the dandyhorse.

  4. The success of the dandyhorse lead to more models of velocipedes (hand powered land vehicles) like the penny-farthing, unicycle, the bicycle, the tricycle, the quadracycle, and the monowheel.

  5. The issues with early monowheel steering and balance led to improvements in gyroscopes

  6. Bessemer process is discovered by joint effort of gnomes and trolls, makes it possible for mass-production of steel from molten pig iron.

  7. The use of hot air allows for the creation of balloons which allowed land locked races the first chance to fly of their own power

  8. The increase of available metal and the discovery of the potential energy in springs and cogs led to the an increase in tinkering projects involving various forms of clockwork

  9. Mountain Faerie clans link the origin of valuable minerals to various meteorites that fell from space.

  10. Burst of scientific interest and investigation into interplanetary travel and terraforming planets; fictional stories speculate about the implications of space flight.

  11. Golden age of alchemy begins with the discovery of gunpower altering the battlefield.

  12. Radio waves are discovered to be able to carry information through magical energy methods.

  13. The Faeire Courts lead to the commingling and cultural exchange of various faerie species. For example, wood elves and pixies learn magic that alter their respective sizes to better interactions in daily activities such as work, play, foraging, even as far as mating with each other. After a few thousand years, their relations lead to a new faerie species dubbed (Elven Fairy or later Faye)

  14. Discovered how to distill kerosene from petroleum, leading to the spread of kerosene lamps.

  15. Seelie Court states invent a horse-drawn public bus which had a regular route, schedule, and fare system

  16. With creation of the microscope, Alchemists could plainly observe the building blocks of life, cells, and the interactions taking place. This discovery lead to the idea that cellular interactions generate all living things and debunked the then popular notion of spontaneous generation from non-living material.

  17. Deforestation by Unseelie Courts reduce the numbers of the few hominid species; One of the species survives to become the only arboreal biped to develop enough intelligence to defend their territory: Homo prehensus

  18. Humans of Kaf live in mutual respect of local forest nature spirits like dryads and henge and faerie like wood elves and sprites; some tribes develop a worship system and practices around them to appease them and later as protection from forces invading their collective homes.

  19. Questing occupations diversify within the 4 archetypes to take on new niches due to advancing technologies, new spell-craft, and newly developed fighting styles.

  20. The miasma theory of disease transmission held that diseases such as cholera, chlamydia or the plagues were caused by a miasma a noxious form of “bad air”. The theory held that the origin of these epidemic diseases was a miasma, emanating from rotting organic matter. This called for creation of services charged with cleaning the cities of rotting and bad smelling garbage.


  1. Designs for aerial craft are implemented and tested; spells with the purpose of maintaining the conditions for flight are made.

  2. The first airship powered by magically charged crystal flies over two cities and a mountain.

  3. Experiment involving a series of pumps are used to create the first artificial air-less vacuum; soon mages create spells which can duplicate the effect.

  4. Continuing experiments with batteries lead to discovery that specific gemstones can be charged with large amounts of specific magic; both  are modified to store the magical energy for various projects

  5. Stored magic in both gems and batteries as power sources led to the creation of various new creations such as artificial satellites, and golems of wood, clay, or metal.

  6. Funding and resources for terraforming are provided by Djinn, spaceflight becomes an engineering possibility and is quickly followed by ordered spell craft designed to keep living beings safe.

  7.  Various beings are inducted into the Space Research programs, obviously Djinn but also including Faye, High Elves, Gnomes, Dwarves, Halflings, Gremlins, Celestials, a few Elementals

  8. Plans for asteroid mineral collection leads to realistic proposals for spaceflight; a secondary plan co-developed by Seelie Courts and Celestials for bringing livable conditions to lunar surface for vacation homes

  9. Although solid fuels like gunpowder were found to be inefficient for space travel, and were replace by newly made liquid fuels. The first satellites and spacecraft thereafter required huge fuel tanks to and from the lunar surface.

  10. After the first constructed artificial satellites launch, projected plans for them and future projects are stolen and evidence leads to the culprits being Ghuls that follow the Iblis creed although they are eventually recovered and acquitted of crimes.

  11. High altitude suits for aviation are pressurized to maintain faery astronauts; due to the limit of materials, most protection from temperatures had to be done via custom magical barriers limiting space exploration to fit mages

  12. Kaf humans recognize the foreign faerie expansion’s threat to their habitat and begin to retaliate through home brew martial art styles and become aware of the uniquely human trait of raw sorcery.

  13. Unseelie courts from alliance with local yokai tribes in an attempt to unify them, Seelie Courts respond by seeking alliances with  and Djinn.

  14. Ghuls use spacecraft debris near their world to set up a base of operations for space technology, unrestricted experimentation, and defense advancement

  15. A portal from Earth leaves approximately 5000 Earth humans from various cultures in the medieval age of our history to Seelie Faerie territory. The response is the Faerie holding them in magically reinforced camps to prevent them from attacking or escaping.

  16. Only an extremely small margin escape from the camps with nowhere to go except becoming a part of  the equally strange society of the humans of Kaf. A few women from that group are isolated within the western forest, forced to develop their own society to combat the harsh environment-The Amazons

“Qarin”- Kaf’s Moon

  1. Advancements in space exploration include large scale nature magic and transmutation for lunar terraformation; experimental engines designed to run directly on magical energy are sent to surface of Qarin to remotely deploy the spell’s effects over a couple of decades; animals from Kaf are slowly introduced to test the survivability

  2. A few faye and elves in the space program propose a system to test the viability of Qarin for intelligent life by selecting the humans trapped here from earth.  There  memories would be wiped and would be brought to the moon live on the surface. After one or two generations, they begin deliberately bringing in people with desired physical traits into the population and selectively breeding them into the mass majority of the population, even isolating new genes that express the faerie desired phenotypes.

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