Magic in the Arcane Realm Part 2: Raw Sorcery

This post is about the magic unique to all humans in the Arcane Realm Universe. I wanted to get into the mindset that if humans were magical creatures like fairies, unicorns, and elves, what would an uniquely ”human” magic take form as but still have humans be well human?

Natural Magic Also Called

  1. Raw Sorcery

  2. Mana Plasma Magic

Original users: Humans

Current users: Humans (Homo sapiens, Homo prehensus, and Lunarians)


Mana from ambient particles and energy (background electromagnetic/electro-weak forces) and from celestial objects


In this type of magic, the practitioner’s spirit resonates with ambient mana in the electromagnetic field of the earth and eventually the more energetic fields beyond the atmosphere.* This brings the amount of energy the person can obtain with their mana capacity from the planet and the far reaches of space, to within their general area, instantaneously. The influx of raw mana energy partly ionizes the air at a rate that generates a room-temperature plasma (35-40oC) called mana plasma. The plasma is an ionized gas that is at first light and airy, but is mold-able by a person’s movements and internal flow.


The applications of natural magic involve

  1. Amplifying the force and range of forceful actions

  2. Creating a personal or extended layer of protection

  3. creating constructs of varying states liquid like/solid like

  4. affecting EM fields

  5. sanitizing areas of microorganisms

  6. channeling bio-electric energy, etc.

Although most of the natural properties of this cool plasma are bound to the laws of physics, mana plasma does have a few properties outside the norm. As the density can be changed with skill, increasing the amount can make it useful for concussive force as the mass is tossed around. The consistency of the object can be changed in different states, for example, it can be made into an amorphous glop that either hardens upon impact or absorbs the shock by staying soft, depending on the user’s skill. It can even be made to dissipate in explosion-like shock waves without producing shrapnel.

This kind of magic evolved as an extension of martial arts, particularly breath work called qigong. Thus it seems that the best way to develop this trait is with qigong training, sensible since both rely on the body’s electromagnetic field as a component of their true potential. Also the particular techniques for this magic type are called skills, while in other magic types, they are called spells.

Natural Magic Categories


  1. Shooting

(Aimed):targeted before firing, or accelerated material (Guided): freely controlled projectiles during its course to target

  1. Bombardment: aimed attack firing a cone/bundled stream or multiple projectiles concentrated at a single target

  2. Melee: require the users physical movement to strike the foe with something on the users person

  3. Area of Effect: affect multiple targets within a certain area

  4. Device: Device is used directly as a weapon, including energy constructs


  1. Barrier:Erect defensive barriers usually in spherical or hemispherical shape. They can defend in all directions, but are not suited to repeated/combination attacks. They work by absorbing the power of an attack in order to reduce damage.

  2. Shield:This type describes spells that generate powerful shields. In contrast to barrier type skills, shield type spells can only guard in one direction, but are much more difficult to penetrate. Also unlike a barrier type defense, these skills defend by repelling the energy driven against them.

  3. Generate: opposing energy is generated outwards from the user to a specific range


  1. Caging: surrounding object with barriers or otherwise restrict their actions, so they can move inside but have no way getting out.

  2. Binding: surrounding object by robes/chains/lines that keep them confined so they can’t move at all, or at best wiggle slightly.

  3. Disabling: disabling the target by preventing their bodies/nerves from reacting.

  4. Anchoring: object is locked/immobilized on certain spot but can otherwise act.


  1. Healing:recovery from physical damage like injury, wounds

  2. Replenish:cleaning, recovery from fatigue, or enhancing effects or other skills

  3. Interference: weaken or canceling the effects of other skills

  4. Transportation: increase speed or range of movement

  5. Illusion: Altering the target’s sensory information

Natural Magic Styles

Varieties of raw sorcery with specific focuses like that of martial arts

Full ActionGrand physical actions generate plasma that extends the range and amplifies their force

Two schools or mind-sets of Construction Style:

Situational – fluid & dynamic materials for on-the-fly situations Solid Set – dense and sturdy constructs for the long term

RangedFocus on effects from a distance including energy discharges

Tacticthe use of indirect effects like surroundings, hidden traps, and binding locks set up to disadvantage the opponent

ArmamentA recent school based on understanding and relying on the unique capabilities of one’s magic assisting device

Akashic- Mana plasma is used to ionize, shape, and enhance the duration of chi techniques

Compared to other Magic

Natural magic is an natural defense mechanism and possible for all human beings (regardless of whether they are aware of its existence or how to apply it). Whereas arcane magic beings can only use raw mana as a physical force projectile or use to create signs to order mana, raw sorcery takes it as dynamic power.

Unlike beings who use arcane magic, natural magic beings are restricted to only their inherent ability (generating mana plasma) but since they all do this, it levels the playing field between natural sorcery users. Also, many beings have unique differences in how much they can generate at one time, the type of consistency, and whether or not they train their skills.

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