Magic in the Arcane Realm Part 3: Ordered Spellcraft

Arcane Magic

Also Called

Ordered Spellcraft

Original users: Jinni

Current users: Jinni; Faerie; Kami; Automoetons, Dragons,Phoenix and a few other arcane animals and plants, pretty much any non-human or non-angel being


General mana, the universal energy of existence present in all matter and energy, mainly undetected by most earth-based technology. It is a by-product of the creation of the universe as a near-invisible force that is generated and surrounds all places and things. There are at least 2 limiting factors to consider when using magic, the amount of mana currently in an area until it replenishes, and the amount of mana a user can draw and hold from the area.


The spirit linking part is similar to natural magic but raw mana has to be converted or ordered with the user’s intent and will before it can do a specific action. This can be done with various actions such as Sign (tracing a symbol in the air), Gesture (Specific or precise movements and stances), Ward (geometric mandalas made from glowing raw mana), Incantation (specific words and phrases), Component (spell specific ingredients), Focus (magic assisting device).

Species that can perform arcane magic also have inherent abilities that resulted from internal mana being naturalized into the genetics and biochemistry of their ancestors. That is to say there are magic-like but natural actions they can do without spells.

The appearance of spells can be observed in any number of ways such as puffs of smoke, bolts resembling lighting, energy rays, glittery sparkles, or things spontaneously happening.


It affects the caster’s world mainly by bending the current physical laws like the traditional idea of magic. The major limit is that Users are limited to defying the laws of physics, and cannot rewrite or manipulate universes themselves, save for artificially created pocket dimensions. (Gravity still pulls down, even if it takes a really long time to do so. Unless gravity in a confined area is reversed, then vice-versa.) Arcane Magic can often disregard certain observed scientific laws such as thermodynamics and energy conservation based on the users intent, but only as long as the spell is in effect or the source of it is supplying.

Arcane magic is traditionally defined by spells designed for these purposes:

Divination- Gathering information, sensing the future, immediately relevant events, or sending the senses beyond their usual range

Elemental– Manipulating the various forces or materials of nature in multiple ways

Mentalism– Powers affecting the minds and emotions of others.

Nature– power over or using the physical abilities of plants, animals and the like.

Summon– Having assistance from others or the creation of a servant or companion

Transmutation-Turning something into something else or altering its properties

Dark Magic– Giving misfortune to the opponent with the intent of benefiting the user.

Blithe Magic-Fortunate or beneficial effects and purposes

Necromancy– Manipulation of soul and spirit which often involves the dead

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