March of the Blog Updates

Readers of my blog may be aware that I often post the development of my children’s book Vanessa Fly Trap and my fictional world/source for short stories Arcane Realm, often with no clear pattern of where or when. Well know I want to try something different.

Starting next week, I’m going to be alternating which week something from each story updates, with something   Arcane Realm themed that week, then something Vanessa Fly Trap themed the week after and so on.

I will also be reblogging posts that I feel reflect aspects and themes of each respective series, for example, I would reblog fantasy or world building posts on an Arcane Realm week and children book or diversity related posts on a Vanessa Fly Trap week. I feel this will help stabilize things for me, especially when I’m ready to get the details of my next series project into my regular blogging schedule.

So yeah, that’s the news for the blog, I feel it’s been going well but I also think it can do better. What do guys think about the change, leave a comment, question, or complaint in the comments so I can respond to your feedback. Thanks!

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