Menstrual Flow and Fertility Control: How Women Take Charge of their Bodies

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Disclaimer: The following blog entry deals with the women’s health issues of birth control and menstruation. If you are a man who is easily squicked out by talk of women’s periods or are an individual of a religious persuasion which makes you easily offended by talk of any birth control except the rhythm method and/or abstinence, then you may not want to read this. If you do have the stomach and/or progressive attitude to handle such subject matter, however, by all means read on.


            Ah, the adult female body. From a reproductive standpoint it is an extremely efficient baby-making machine, with a cycle of preparation and ovulation which follows a predictable schedule and the means to nourish offspring not only as they develop, but in that crucial first year or two of life as well. And should the ovum not be fertilized? The uterine lining is shed over…

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