Myself as a writer

So I tend to think of myself as a writer, right now mainly a hobbyist or amateur. However I wouldn’t be against the idea of becoming freelance or partime in the future. On a related note, I took a survey for writers a year back online. I saved a lot of the content to my computer because answering those questions enlightened me to new possibilties and reflect on what I can accomplish as a writer. So I wanted to share my answers to the questions (though I skipped the Horror writers section) to give a sense of the type of writer I see myself as.

How long? more than 5 years

What genres do I write? Comedy, Satire, Fantasy, Potentially Sci-fi, Mixed Genre

Age Groups Children’s, maybe Middle Grade & Young Adult

Types of Stories Short stories, Book series

Fantasy Subgenres I’m willing to write Modern, Fairy Tale Retelling, Superhero, Myth, Science_, Paranormal/Supernatural

Science fiction Subgenres I’m willing to write AI/Androids, Steampunk,_Fantasy, Time Travel, Soft, Space Opera

Writing Strengths Dialogue, Character Creation, World Building, Writing the Middle

Writing Weakness Prose, Starting, Finishing, Sub Plots, Plotting


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