Outlining a Novel with Index Cards

Interesting process, I might have to try it

w r i t e d o w n a l l e y

Alright, confession time: I thought for years that I was a pantser (a writer who doesn’t outline i.e. by the seat of their pants) instead of a sudden plotter. Because really, I’m not that organized in my life, so it just seemed counter-productive to me. But the reality is that I just hadn’t found what worked for me. Now, let me clarify that this depends for me on what I’m writing. If it’s a short story, then I 100% pants that shit and just go for it. But I’ve been trying to buckle down and write a novel for years, and just randomly starting a book ended up going absolutely nowhere. So I also tried excel outlines and written on paper outlines: none of it worked.

That is, until I found the beauty of…

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