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As a novice comic writer, I’m aware of the many extraordinary abilities known as superpowers. Known thanks to mainstream comic companies like DC or Marvel, many powers can be named by even those who never even read an issue. We have the basics of “Super” Strength/Speed, just enhancements of what we could but at a super level. Then we had we creative powers like flying, control over elements, and even ridiculous one-shot powers from the worlds of video games and movies. But when you’re making up characters(like me), whether they’re heroes , villains, or civilians you want to know what kinds of abilities are out there so you can know how to be more creative.

Then I found the superpower wiki

If you want to make a superpower story and want to learn the applications of a power, or even find out what powers a character you know has so you can tell it to  your friends then this will definitely help. While it’s true some of the newer, or obscure pages may require work, the main pages are constantly looked at and linked to others. I’st definitely a handy resource for my work and glad to have signed up to be a recent contributor.

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