Practical Philosophy

If you asked what philosophy was a year ago, I probably would not be sure of what you were talking about. I would probably say it was about people who thought about thinking, mostly popular in ancient Greece because of Plato and Socrates, and that’s about it.

I had a very neutral feeling toward this discipline, well maybe a bit negative of an opinion after a college friend was just too eager and explained an important concept in one of the most confusing and terrible ways imagined. It allowed me to dismiss the discipline for a while, made easier when there are little to no influences of it in what I consider American popular culture like media.

That changed a bit when I stumbled upon the School of Life channel on YouTube. In a nutshell, the School of Life is focused on sharing ideas that focus on aspects of living not traditionally taught in compulsory education. Mainly things like how live wisely, how to find out what could make you happy, or understanding insecurities and how to be kinder, that sort of thing.

What I found interesting where their videos on philosophy, explaining what it really means and also appealing to my historical interest by showing the philosophies of thinks from west and east.

Admittedly this post may come across and endorsment to the organization, thought that’s not my real intention. I just wanted to say that I no longer think that philosophy is some old people talking about how people should behave, and their is practical merit to it. It also helps that another channel on YouTube I enjoy, Crash Course has recently started a series on Philosophy, now that is definitely an endorsement, you should go watch it! And check out the School of Life if you wish.

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