Significant/Fantastic Metals and Alloys

Medieval fantasy settings are always going on about their metallurgy, sometimes even using metals that only exist in fiction. Well the Arcane Realm tales may most range from the steam to contemporary era, but I don’t see why I can have my own version. Here are the significant metals and alloys of the Arcane Realm.

Lodestone/Thunderbolt Iron- magnetite naturally magnetized from lighting strikes. Properties

  1. Disorient faye and jinn perception by interfering with their magnetoception.

Mithril- Light silvery metal Properties

  1. Lightweight metal yet strength relative to titanium

  2. Resistant to magical energy discharges

  3. super-light

  4. glorius durability

  5. pretty good magical focus for rapiers, bucklers, parrying weapons, arrows, bows, wands, staves, armor, etc.

Orichalcum- a golden brown brass like alloy of copper, mithril


  1. Can act as a room temperature semiconductor with a steady mana supply

Adamantium- an ore Properties

  1. Hardest non-brittle metal

  2. Stronger than diamond

  3. stone-like quality

  4. denser than most metals

  5. more durable, but only to make up for its increased density so it doesn’t break itself

  6. strong resistance to heat

  7. cracks slowly repair themselves to an extent, “flowing” so maces, buildings, axes, tower shields, bullets, etc. >

Meteoric/Space Iron- Meteor iron with iridium to make it harder and durable.

Cold Iron- Iron alloy cold forged with traces of magic infused gemstones Properties

  1. Suck out magoi from many beings with innate magic with a burning/stinging sensation

  2. Can touch etheric matter and creatures like spirits

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