Spectrals, Spooks, and Spirit Creatures

The arcane realm being the mystical place that is, naturally has spirits up, down and all round. This post is meant to collect all my world-building thoughts on this world’s metaphysics

Spiritual Matter and Energy

In this post, Spectral=spiritual but spectral sounds cooler.

 Spectral is immaterial matter that doesn’t interact with normal matter and in most cases light. Interestingly, it does have some weird version of mass as it drifts within gravitational fields of normal celestial bodies and definitely those of spectral matter. As such in the contemporary eras, it is speculated have counterparts to everyday materials and energies.

Spirits are beings composed of spectral matter which while intangible with normal stuff, can at least interact with itself, meaning spirits can touch spectral objects, materials imbued with spectral energy, and be affected by spiritual energy psychokinesis (PKE). Unlike most corporeal beings, their mass can often behave similar to fluids (like liquids and gases).

The idea was influenced a bit by dark matter, mainly the not interacting with baryonic matter part, but I wouldn’t go far as saying that spirits are made of dark matter in story. Although I have been playing around with the idea of spectral comets and asteroids.

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