The truth about lies: a recommended reading list

“Lying is a cooperative act,” says professional lie detector Pamela Meyer (TED Talk: How to spot a liar). “Think about it, a lie has no power whatsoever by its mere utterance.Its power emergeswhen someone else agrees to believe the lie.” Meyer works to help people see the sheer ubiquity of the falsehoods we tell and hear — and gives advice on how we might start to combat deception. Dive into her 17 favorite books about truth, dishonesty, and all the gray areas in between.

1. The Post-Truth Era Ralph Keyes St. Martin’s Press, 2004

“Keyes, who coined the term ‘post-truth era,’ argues that our modern society is awash in a type of lie that is neither truth nor fiction, but more akin to ‘casual dishonesty.’ An older book that is still relevant today and was way ahead of its time.”

2. Why Leaders Lie John J. Mearsheimer Oxford…

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