Vanessa Fly Trap Characters: Georges Scout

Georges is the father of Tony and Kate Scout and the adoptive father of Vanessa and Victor Sprout.


He is a well built man with a tan complexion. His current style is his brown hair with a spiky top and darker highlights in the front, along with a thin beard and even thinner mustache.

He typically wears a blue polo shirt sporting the male symbol in front and khaki jeans with his brown sneakers.


Georges was born in Cap-Haïtien, Haiti to a small family including his older brother. Often his brother was aloof and he didn’t like the way he was raised by his strict and overtly religious father.

His first trip to the US was as an exchange student in high school, where he met Elizabeth. Soon she convinced him to college in America to further his study in civilian engineering. He started off as the students handyman until he got a job with a New York Building firm. He worked as a reinforcing iron worker, moving from residential to commercial and industrial construction. When Elizabeth decided to adopt Vanessa and Victor, he wasn’t about it at first but he warmed up to them as well.


Georges isn’t too hard to get along with: he’s patient, very steady under pressure, and isn’t fussy about whose company he keeps. He also has a sense of humor and an excellent memory, and enjoys limericks, funny jokes, and good conversation. Like most Haitian men he adores a good malt drink and coffee in the morning.

Something of importance to Georges is how he views society and how it affects his family. It might have something with growing up in a strict family but Georges isn’t as hung up on things like following the crowd and often encourages his family to focus on what they like instead of listening to what they should like. He also strives to be there with advice when he can and give his opinion on how to solve a problem.

He does however like going at his own pace with things. For some this makes him slow and he tends to not be the best with deadlines.

His parenting style started off focusing more on responding to his kids and being very nurturing and loving to avoid confrontation. However this led to him being seen more like a friend than a parent by toddler Tony and instead of punishment he had to use bribery with toys, gifts, and food to get him to behave. With a new baby, he knew he was being too permissive so he worked with his wife to make his rules and punishments more consistent. However he still takes the time to be there for them after their punishment is over.

Likes: Malt drinks, coffee, comedy movies, superheroes, teaching his kids Haitian Creole, changing people’s expectations, Kompas music, progressive values, dance hall,

Dislikes: When his wife worries, caramel, butterscotch, the Deep South, stubborn types, certain conservative values, rushing through things

Hobbies: building model planes and ships, blogging, jogging, biking, wood crafting, Dominoes, Poker, making small metal sculptures



  1. Elizabeth is his wife.

  2. Tony is his son and first child

  3. Kate is his daughter and second child

  4. Vanessa is his adoptive daughter

  5. Victor is his adoptive son


  1. Marlin

  2. Tyrone

  3. Paulani

  4. Jean-Baptiste


  1. Wood crafting

  2. Fixing things

  3. Native Haitian Creole Speaker

  4. Fluency in French and English

  5. Model building

  6. Construction

  7. Welding

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