Vanessa Fly Trap Characters: Tony Scout

Anthony ‘Tony’ Scout is the 11-year old brother of Kate Scout and the adoptive step-brother of Vanessa and Victor Sprout.

Appearance Tony is a slim, young tan boy with curly, dark brown hair. He often sports a small afro with a red visor. Most often he wears a orange collared shirt with a large red stripe across it, brown cargo shorts and red/white sneakers.

Background He is biracial black and white, with both Jamaican and Haitian heritage. Although American English is his go to language,  he can also speak conversational Jamaican patois and Haitian creole.

Personality Tony is relatively laid-back but is said by Vanessa to have a ‘casual confidence’ air about him. He tends to be hands-on and pragmatic if he can’t do something the usual way. He is comfortable with ‘just do’ activities instead of worrying or wondering about them a lot. Even when cooperating or part of a team, he most often he prefers do simple tasks independently and doesn’t like to inconvenience others.

Tony likes to play the mediator role, telling others to calm down and look down on those who “can’t control themselves” and find them annoying. Other times, he says things he might not necessarily believe in order to get a rise out of people.  Whether he’s gently teasing or deliberately trying to cause mayhem generally depends on his mood or who he is talking to; either way, he always brings the joke far enough to cause annoyance, confusion, anger, or laughter.

Tony also has an appreciation for older aspects of culture than expected. For example, he enjoys old school reggae, Jackson Five, world history videos, and looking older versions of phones, music players, and video games. A lot of times, his father comments he has an “old soul”.

Likes: BBQ Chicken, Marcus, Suzie, detective comics, Detective Comics, old school/classic reggae, Bob Marley, Jackson Five, Michael Jackson, House and Club music, Party Zouk music

Dislikes: Celery, Stuffy people with no sense of humor, teen gang members, teenagers, country music

Hobbies: Climbing, neighborhood kid detective, drawing, reading comics, YMCA, urban parkour

RelationshipsFamily” Mother: Elizabeth Scout Father:Georges Scout His sister is Kate and his adopted siblings are Vanessa and Victor.


  1. Marcus

  2. Karyme

  3. Andres

  4. Suzie

  5. Thomas

  6. Ollie

  7. Tatianna

  8. Janice


  1. Tony is very observant, noticing little things others might not catch

  2. Great at climbing and jumping due to taking Parkour lessons with his father

  3. Can run on a wall for a second

  4. Can draw faces pretty well, but prefers drawing cartoons and comics

  5. Has scattered knowledge on older versions of things likes phones and recorders

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