Vanessa Fly Trap Characters: Victor Sprout

Victor Sprout is a 4 year old Venus Fly Trap and the little brother of Vanessa.


He is a small fly-trap, a little more than half of his sister’s height, with short brown hair. He most often wears a solid red shirt with jean overalls.


Victor outwardly makes himself reserved to others and especially polite to adults. This makes him seem reclusive to most, especially to his sister. Most of his time is spent is taking up gaining knowledge or building various things he thinks will benefit himself or others. He prefers going at his own pace but once he deems something is ready, he craves wanting to demonstrate his work to his friends. However he doesn’t like to being put into social situations by others, as seen by him resisting his sister’s attempts to bring him into them.

His interests lie mainly in the natural sciences mainly in biology and physics, as well as engineering as he incorporates these disciplines in the devices he makes and invents. As such he strongly defends studying science against those who don’t see the need. Often he will perform small scale experiments he finds or construct his own. A good number sometimes collecting what’s left behind from his family although sometimes they have to remind him about their personal space.

Likes: Robots, Trains, Clockwork, Doctor Who, Natural Sciences, Engineering, Sharing his knowledge with familiar faces Dislikes: His sister pulling him into situations, public speaking, meeting new people, Hobbies: Tinkering, Surfing the web, performing experiments, inventing household gadgets, collecting samples from family members and his friends.

Relationships Family

  1. Vanessa is his biological older sister

  2. Elizabeth is his adoptive mother

  3. Georges is his adoptive father

  4. Tony is his adoptive older brother

  5. Kate is his adoptive older sister


  1. Martin

  2. Donna


  1. Constructing small machines

  2. working with electronics and circuitry

  3. Building labor saving devices around the house

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