What World Building Can Teach You About Business Building

I like how this relates the two concepts and brings them together. Not to mention shows the use of world building beyond being isolated in making fiction.

Fiction and Copy Decoded

Last post, I said I wanted to write to you guys about how copywriters can learn about business building from the world-building that fiction writers do.

That time is now.

But first, a bit of background.

I’m on a lot of email lists for copywriters, marketers, and so on, because I like to pick up tips from people.

A recent email I got talked about setting an appointment with a doctor (a common occurrence for a lot of people). If the doctor’s busy, you get info from the secretary about the next slot the doctor has available for you. Because the doctor has rules.

Then I got an email today about a teacher’s tips for keeping control of her classroom, that related nicely to the one about the doctor, because of the point the teacher went on to make.

Two closely related things in a couple days? Now I have…

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