World Building Tips: Types of Government

A good abridging of large scale society governments, an good place to start then find out more for your self like the variations of socialism and democracy. Like a social democracy for example.

Write for the King

A couple days ago, someone searched my blog, asking for “books that have a very different type of government in fantasy.” I did make a post of fantasy clichés a while back, and in there, I briefly suggested a few other types of government.

But now I want to cover those types of governments in a bit more detail and have a more exhaustive list for you guys. So in this post, I am covering a bunch of different types of government and giving a brief description of each type. If you want more information, you will need to look it up elsewhere, but hopefully, my list gives you a few new ideas along with reviewing the typical governments.

Almost any of these types of political organization can be used for any genre—not just fantasy. However, there is one type of government will solely lends itself to religious fiction, but…

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