World Building: Wild Kratts Style

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

So as I mentioned on the about page, from time to time I’ll blog/reblog about worldbuilding. I figure since I am currently worldbuilding the setting for my Arcane Realm stories, I post some of my inspirations on the site. Often I find myself finding a muse in places I never expected. For example, a children’s television show known as Wild Kratts.

So even though I am nearing the end of my college education, I sometimes think about my childhood, well, late elementary school anyways. Say what you will about the late 90’s but things were simpler, the economy didn’t fall yet, and I actually watched television as the internet didn’t really have video sites. I was still at the age where watching PBS kids didn’t get you laughed at by the other kids (except Arthur. Nobody messed with Arthur.)

As part of the PBS line-up was two brothers, a junction, and a talking lemur. It was the days of Zoboomafoo, the first show I watched about the Kratt Brothers. In it the show they hung out in Animal Junction, where animals that wouldn’t be together in wild came together,  including a leaping lemur named well, Zoboomafoo who liked to chat after a snack. It was fun, has a couple songs I still remember,  and of course, taught me about animals.

So about two years ago, I accidently stumble on another show with the Kratt Brothers, Chris and Martin. Only know, they got animated! And have a crew of new friends in a turtle shaped ship! And Villians who abuse animals! Oh, and high tech morphing suits that give them the powers of any creatures they touch but that’s like, the obvious logical conclusion when Kratts get a cartoon.

Now watching the show, this time they go to various natural locations in a variety of environments to meet the creature of the day. But they also meet the other animals of a location, again teaching me about what animals would really live in a desert or on the prairies. Finally bringing this post back to world building, a natural environment you create is more believable and authentic when animals that are fit for it live there. The Arcane Realm is mostly composed of real animals, brought over by the Pioneer Jinn or end up there through random portals from Earth. There are also a few fantasy creatures who live along aside them, (because who doesn’t want dragons, I mean, come on) but I know how the real ones work, I can give the fantastic ones traits where they can live there just as well.

So to show how helpful this line of logic has been working, here is a list of the biomes on the show with the animals mentioned. I haven’t seen all the episodes of Seasons 2 and 3 so I’ll probably update the post now and again. Also note there is more than one desert so not all the creatures might live in the exact same place in real life (but in a fantasy world…)

Prairie Prairie dog (a ground squirrel) Prairie wolf/coyote Prairie chicken Prairie falcon Rattle snake King snake

Prairie buffalo (bison) Pronghorn Antelope Shrike Grasshopper Buffalo birds Harris Hawk (Packs) Ferret (black footed) Buffaloberry (bush) Rainforest Tarsier Tapir Camin Boa Pythons Jaguar Lorsis Spider monkey Harpy eagle Hummingbird Eyelash Viper Whitetail deer Arrowroot- herb cultivated for a starch from the rhizomes. A thicking agent for soups, sauces, and puddings. Coconut- fruit, cooking oil, palm sugar, Swamp Opossum (snake venom immunity) River Otter Mosquito Alligator Crocodile*only where salt mixes Osprey Coyote Gar (predatory fish) Dragonfly (swamp dragon) Mosquito fish Minnows Milk Snake Coco plum Cardinal plant Desert Arid deserts can also have patches of grassy areas Sanoran Desert Rattle snake Saguaro cactus Mice Elf Owl Coyote Gila monster Roadrunner Spotted Skunk(tree climbers) Ground Squirrel Cactus Finch Morning Dove Mountain Lion/Cougar Hooded Snunk Long nose leopard lizard Woodpeckers Beetles Scorpion Great Horned Owl Golden Eagle Burrowing Owl (Mimic Rattlesnake) Jumping Beans (Caterpillar> Moths) Collared Lizard Kangaroos Kangaroo Rats Prickly Pear cactus Barrel Cactus (Fruit) Bobcat

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